Jeffy Puppet: Bio

Jeffy Puppet Francois is an adopted son of Mario Puppet Francois and a student at YU DUMB. Elementary School. He is one the main characters of the SuperMarioLogan series.

He is Nancy’s oldest child and the adopted clone of Scooter and Feebee’s older brother. However, since Nancy was arrested and his biological father Jacques passed away, he and Scooter have become the adoptive children Mario and Rosalina. He is a troublemaker, annoying, and torturing Mario. He also hangs out with his friends Junior and Scooter.

Histories Jeffy Puppet as a Baby

Jeffy Jeffy Francois was born in a porta potty at 7 Jeffy Street Paris, France on August 21, 2004 to Nancy Pierre Francois, a prostitute, and Jacques Pierre Francois, a painter. Both are of French descent but Jacques is fully-blooded French. He was not raised correctly and was abused by his mother. For unknown reasons, his mother forced him to stick an ink pencil in his nose. Unknown incident also caused him to lose his toes. This was shown in Jeffy Breaks His Leg! “.

Jeffy and Feebee moved to Florida with him in 2005. Feebee later died in a bicycle accident while Nancy used her helmet as an ashtray. Jeffy wears his helmet everywhere he goes because of her death.

Nancy was fed up with his antics and Jeffy Puppet was taken to Mario and Bowser’s apartment. Jeffy lived in the apartment with Mario and his family (Causing havoc around their house, especially towards Mario), but he was hated by the latter and was eventually evicted.

His wealthy father had committed suicide and left his money to Jeffy. Nancy went back to reclaim Jeffy to get Jacques’ money. Jeffy Puppet turned 18 in December and was taken into custody for child abuse and prostitution. Mario adopted Jeffy after Nancy was arrested. The two begin to bond daily.

He is Mario’s adopted son as of today and spends his time annoying and bothering him, playing with Junior and his buddies, and causing trouble and mayhem.

Jeffy has become more intelligent and helpful since 2020. He teamed up with Brooklyn T. Guy to catch the real criminal responsible for robbery of Footlong Bangers. And he watched a scary movie together with Mario. Mario lies about the strawman movie, while Jeffy proves that he is lying. Jeffy loves his family, despite all this. As in “Jeffy Puppet, the Doughnut King!” he is also shown to have heartlessness. After explaining that his chief Blue Officer is dead, he refuses Brooklyn Guy a donut.


Jeffy has a different posture than most teens, being tall and slim. His mother wrote “Jeffy” on a yellow T-shirt so that he wouldn’t forget his name. He wears a blue helmet with black messy hair underneath, and he usually has a pencil shoved up to his nose. Evidently, he believes that his name is the word written on “Jeffy’s Shirt” when a different word appears on it. Junior wrote “poopy fat” on it. Jeffy Puppet believed it was his real name, to the point that he lost 100,000,000 dollars due to it.

He wears dark, short, dark blue jeans and a Pamper Diaper (which Jeffy Puppet says is on the outside so it doesn’t get dirty), that he sometimes spanks. He wears black Adidas sneakers. His parents seem to have mixed their biological appearance, with his mother’s blue eyes and his father’s dark brown hair. His oval-shaped face features two teeth around his nose and two eyes, as well as two eyelashes.

Personality Jeffy Puppet

Jeffy started out as a mentally handicapped baby-like child, but he has evolved into a somewhat ditzy person, who swears like an sailor and explodes in anger at anyone who insults him. He also knows a lot about perverted actions for his age. He is now more mature and doesn’t annoy Rosalina and Mario as much. He no longer swears and acts more like a troublemaker child. He is known for being strong and possibly the most powerful character in SML. He beats up bullies, hits balls hard, and has a high tolerance to pain.

He is known for scrubbing his pants and putting his diaper outside his pants. He can have a breakdown if he’s called “bad boy” or “retard”. However, he calms down when he’s called “good boy”. His breakdowns can be violent and extreme, and he may curse Mario or Rosalina. In “First Day Of School”, he flips his desk. Because the teacher gave him a 10-page essay to write the next day, he cussed at Jackie Chu (mostly F-word) and said “ARE YOU F**KING HIGH?” He frequently says “Why?” He often says “Why?” whenever someone tells his what to do. He will repeat it every time someone answers him. He has a tendency to call things he likes “peepee.” When asked questions, he often responds with “I don’t even know”.