Long Horse


Long seems to be a creature with a horse skull and no jaw. The pale neck, made of pliable skin, appears to be an infinitely long horse with bits of black mane hanging from the neck. It makes crackling noises when it bends its neck. This allows it to make as few joints as possible. Because of its properties, the neck does not have to connect in linear space. It is interesting to note that long horses smells like cinnamon.

Histories Long Horse

Long became a legend after a picture of Long appeared online on August 24, 2018. Trevor Henderson, a user of the internet, published the picture with the description that Long had been in a dream about the horse.

Trevor released another photo of the creature and named it Long. A cave painting of the long horse circling three people has also been discovered. The description indicates that Long has existed since ancient times.

The ancient drawing shows that the long horse, which is the protector of humans, is quite interesting. It is harmless and warns humans about upcoming dangers. A human will hear a crackling sound or see the creature’s long neck. This is a warning that a disaster will soon occur.

Another picture of Long has been added. It simply states, “a new sighting.” It’s moving, which means Long is likely to be going someplace to warn people about an impending disaster.

Personality Long Horse

We don’t know much about Long’s personality. As mentioned, Long is known to care about people, acting as their protector and advising them of possible disasters. Although he is often mentioned as having a curious nature, it is not known how exactly he exhibits his curiosity. Trevor made a few quips that Long seems to enjoy, but not necessarily need, affection and apples.


Long can foretell disasters, teleport and uses these abilities to warn other people. Because of the infinite nature and flexibility of his neck, Long can break all physics and defy gravity to appear to levitate. He can bend his body to adjust the number and position of his joints, and his neck doesn’t need to connect in a linear space.

Long is able to enter other people’s minds. Trevor once said that Long could be seen staring at Long’s neck for an extended period of time without looking away. This would likely not affect Long horse because of his paranormal nature. Long can also emit the scent of cinnamon. Some believe that Long may be an angel sent from God.

It is capable of surviving being fluctuated through existence or non-existence. Trevor describes it as “a needle threading between layers of reality”.

It is implied that the long horse reaches the 12-dimensional layers of the verse. Judging from its infinite size, this horse is likely to be able to cross itself between the infinity of dimensions. This makes it one the strongest entities in all of verse.