Summer Accessories Essentials


Summer isn’t over! You still have plenty of time to showcase your style during the hottest season. These essential accessories can transform any outfit from dull to fabulous and make it look like you just stepped out on the runway.

Even if your clothes are from last season, accessories can help make your outfit more current and fashionable. These finishing touches will make everyone’s heads turn!

An Oversized Tote Bag

Summer 2022 will be all about small. Statement tote bags with large handles are now in fashion. This is a refreshing departure from the small clutches that were so common (how can you fit a wallet, mask and all other essentials in such tiny purses?). It looks great on a hot summer day.

But that doesn’t mean you should carry around your old cotton tote bag everywhere. Designers are embracing the tote bag’s shape and practicality, but adding fun design details and upscale materials. A slouchy, leather tote bag can be transformed into fall. Or a fun straw or jute bag for a day at the beach.

Statement hats

After years of wearing hats made you look like a father at the barbecue or on the way to the races, hats are making a comeback in 2022. Bold and bold hats are the new trend. A patterned bucket hat or giant floppy straw cap, or even a bright visor are all in. They’re the best friend for suburban moms who exercise. Baseball caps are very popular for those who are athletic.

It’s the summer of all things, even headwear. Choose the right hat for you and wear it confidently!

Accessories for Y2K phones

Accessories are also seeing a revival of Y2K. People of all ages, including Instagram stars and runway models, use phone accessories from early 2000s such as beaded phone straps or lanyards to add a touch of glamour to their outfits.

Although we aren’t sure if this trend will last, it is certainly fun and adds an interesting touch to mirror selfies. Your phone is an integral part of your daily life. You might consider making it part of your outfit.

Belly Chains

Another accessory taken straight from fashion history. Belly chains finally made it to everyday fashion after several years on runways. For a casual look, pair it with a cropped shirt and high-waisted jeans. If you feel bold, pair it with a pantsuit, or trousers, for a combination of bold trends and classic looks.

This accessory can be worn in fall, as long as it is layered over a jacket or coat. For a playful glimpse at the chain, you may leave the top slightly unbuttoned.

Silk hair accessories

Although silk headscarves are a popular trend in TikTok, the look is not just for teens. All kinds of hair accessories are in fashion, including head scarves and scrunchies as well as headbands and headbands. For a look that can transition from day to evening, tie a silk hairband or pull your hair back using a neutral silk scrunchie.

  • Silk is also gentler than other materials for your hair.
  • These are the top accessory trends that you can incorporate into your wardrobe.