Sid Ice: Age Wiki

Sid Ice Age , also known as Sid, was a ground sloth that became part of a herd made up of many animals. Sid was born into a sloth family that abandoned him throughout his adulthood. Sid then met Manny, a mammoth and Diego, a saber-tooth Tiger named Diego. They made a trip through the tundra to bring Roshan back to his tribe. The three animals became close friends and formed their own “Herd” after the journey.

Sid Ice Age and his companions soon found a new home in the valley, which would soon flood due to massive amounts of melting snow and ice. Sid Ice Age, Manny and the others met Ellie, a female mammoth, on their trek to safety. They also adopted Eddie and Crash, who were also there. Manny was inspired by Sid’s words and took Ellie and her brothers with them as part the herd.

Sid tried to take more responsibility by taking a group young animals on a hike in the woods, so that he could assume a leadership role. Sid made numerous mistakes throughout the hike, including disturbing a beehive and licking poison oak ivy. Sid made a mark on the world after he miscalculatedly predicted the turn of events that led to the creation of Grand Canyon.

Sid became more lonely when he realized Manny and Ellie were pregnant. He decided to rescue three giant dinosaur eggs and raise them as his own children. Their mother returned to them and took Sid and their young children Sid Ice back to their world. Sid Ice Age shared parental responsibilities with Ellie for a while before returning home with Peaches, his own new daughter.

Sid and his other herd members waited for Christmas. Sid accidentally smashed Manny’s Christmas Rock while trying to create a new Christmas tradition. This prompted Sid Ice Age, Peaches, Crash, and Eddie to travel to the North Pole in an attempt to convince Santa to remove them all from his “Naughty List”. The herd joined the fray and started a variety of holiday traditions. Santa had his sleigh pulled by reindeer, while his crew was able to use mini-sloths for large amounts of presents.

Sid was still a part his herd many years later when his family returned to look for him. They pushed off Granny, their wise old Granny, and left them both behind. Sid, though downhearted, continued to care for his grandmother after they became separated by the continental drift. Manny and Diego were also forced to leave their home due to this. The four of them met a group made up of pirates. They had to go through a lot of difficulties before they could return to their herd and find a new home.

Sid Ice Age began to yearn for true love years later, after he was dumped by Francine, a female sloth. To stop an asteroid from ruining the planet, he and the rest of his herd had to flee their home. Sid Ice Age fell in love with Brooke, a beautiful sloth during their trip. Sid found true love and he and his herd diverted the asteroid, saving the earth.

Biography Sid Ice 

Sid, a lazy and slovenly-ground sloth, was not the most perceptive creature that lived in the Ice Age. However, he made up for it with loyalty to the people he loved. Sid joined a herd of animals and shaped his life. He became more thoughtful and considerate of others.

Sid was a young boy who was often left behind by his family as they made their winter migrations south. Their attempts to leave him behind became more complex. Sid’s mother Eunice said to him that bad news was just good news disguised. However, Sid and his family wanted him gone. Sid spent one year in a cave tied with a field mouse and walked through the water in an attempt to lose their scent. Sid returned to his family the next year and was reunited with them. However, he lost them all during the annual migration.