Maxi dresses: Everything you need to know


Maxi dress! Let’s count how much we love you. They are timeless, low-maintenance and easy to put on. Maxi dresses are magic in a compact package. We have all the details right here.

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Let’s start with a brief history lesson about the beloved maxi dress. Over the years, dresses have changed in many ways. An Egyptian tomb found a dress that was more than 5,000 years old, which is the oldest known woven garment. It is known as the Takhan dress and has beautiful pleating. The skirt hits just above the knee. Many different styles of dresses have been created over the years for every season and occasion. There are more than 40 types of dresses available, according to last count. There are many silhouettes that you can choose from: slip, midi, cocktail and even formal. But none are as versatile, comfortable, or as wearable as the maxi.

After we’ve learned a bit about history, let us now learn more about the maxi and its many amazing designs.

What is a maxi-dress?

You may be wondering what a maxi dress is. Maxi dresses are taller in silhouette and longer in length. The hem falls on your top. There are many styles of this dress. They are typically fitted on the top, and loosely draped over the rest of your body. This makes them a versatile garment that complements many body types. These dresses are versatile and easy to style up or down.

Although it’s not clear when the first maxi dresses were created, they became very popular in 1968. Oscar de la Renta, a fashion designer, presented his unique design at the Elizabeth Arden Fashion Show. The article was followed by a wide-read New York Times article featuring the same dress. The maxi dress gained popularity thanks to both of these events, and continues to be loved by many. A variety of maxi dresses modifications were born out of this demand.

What are the various types of maxi dresses available?

We’ve compiled a list of the best maxi dresses for you. There are many options for maxi designs, from trendy to classic. Take a look at the highlighted options to help you choose the right maxi dress or dresses for you.

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Style Alert: Off the shoulder

Off-the-shoulder styles are strapless and, as the name suggests, the neckline falls just above the shoulders. This style is often paired with an empire waistline that sits just below the bust. For a unique touch, pair your maxi dress with a stunning necklace or statement earrings to add some wow.

Style Alert: T-Shirt

Nothing can beat the comfort of your favourite T-shirt. It’s the ultimate long- and tall tee. The T-shirt maxi dress can be worn as a tank or fitted, as well as a traditional, loose-fitting, short-sleeved tee. It’s as stylish as it is comfortable. This is the perfect way to get the fashionable athleisure look that’s all the rage this season. You can easily slip on your favorite sneakers and have a new look ready for any day.

Style Alert: Spaghetti Strap

The spaghetti strap maxi is next. The spaghetti strap maxi dress shows off your shoulders, but it is secured with thin straps that can be adjusted for maximum comfort. This maxi dress can be worn with a variety necklines thanks to its stability. The spaghetti strap dress is a versatile option that can be worn in a variety of necklines, including a v-neck or cuff. It’s the perfect choice for warm summer days.

Style Alert: Hi Lo

This hi-lo maxi dress is a wild and free-spirited style. It features a unique hemline that has a shorter front length and a longer back. This dress is fun and flirty and will show off your favorite shoes. Fun fact: The hi-lo hem can also be called a waterfall, mullet or asymmetrical hem.

Style Alert: Tiered

Tiered maxi dresses consist of a number of layers of fabric, which are sewn together in an asymmetrical fashion. These beautiful dresses are often made in a loose-fitting smock-style. These dresses are part of the nap dress family and were featured as one this year’s top spring fashion trends for women. Tiered designs are a very popular fashion trend. Cottagecore is a great place to find them.

Style Alert: Statement Sleeve

Maxi dresses with sleeves can be long or short, statement, or capped. They are as popular as the ones without. Statement sleeves are a key feature of this year’s womens summer trends. They include balloon, ruffle, and flutter. These details add an extra layer of interest that will complete your look and make it stand out from the rest.

Stylist tip – To balance your look, add simple, neutral shoes with statement-sleeved dresses.

How to style a maxi-dress?

Maxi dresses are often associated with summer, but they can be worn in many different seasons and occasions. These are some fun and easy ways you can style a maxi.

Wear it to Work

A blazer can instantly elevate your professional look by being worn over a maxi dress. A belt can be added to the ensemble by adding a belt, a flat or classic pump, and a statement necklace. For a patterned dress, a solid blazer in a bright color is a good choice to match it. A solid maxi dress is a great choice. For added interest, add a textured or printed jacket. Can an oversized jacket work? Absolutely! A blazer oversized with a loose-fitting dress and a chunky heel creates a stylish outfit that will turn heads. For a professional work outfit, finish the look by adding a layer necklace.

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It’s a great idea!

A long-sleeved shirt can be worn under your maxi dress to make it more appropriate for cooler months. You can make your maxi dresses more versatile in warmer months by wearing a light button-up top over it. For a cropped look, tie the front of your top in a knot. This will give the illusion of a maxi-skirt and shirt combination. You can achieve a sporty look by swapping the button-up for a graphic tee. Add sneakers to the top, and the shirt will be restyled for summer.

Layer it up

What are the best layers for a maxi dress? To add warmth, texture, and dimension to your outfit, you can wear a moto, cargo, or jean jacket on top of your maxi dress. Not hot enough for a jacket? When temperatures rise, layering on a sheer vest or kimono will create the same effect. For a fashionable day of exploring in your maxi, you can add a belt bag or crossbody to the look.

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It’s your turn

A belt can transform your maxi dress’s shape and style. For an instant transformation, add a splash of color to a maxi dress or a metallic belt for a maxi dress printed. You don’t have the right belt? To achieve the same look, grab your long silky scarves. Tie one around your waist for a boho vibe.