The Perfect Thrift: Tan France’s Four Key Tips for Vintage Shopping


Tan France, a style icon, says that she loves to shop for vintage and thrift. Although vintage clothing stores are a treasure trove for antique cardigans, leather jackets, handbags and designer pieces, it can sometimes feel overwhelming for first-timers. Tan shares some fashion tips for those who are heading to thrift shops to find the perfect vintage finds.

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A brief introduction to Tan France

These stylists were introduced to Tan France, a fashion expert and Queer Eye’s 2018 Primetime Emmy-nominated Netflix series. The prolific stylist has been in fashion and styling for more than 20 years. The fashion guru had already helped thousands of people to find their style and feel great. Tan, the first openly gay South Asian male on television, has been a highly sought-after personal stylist since Queer Eye’s success. His memoir, Naturally Tan, was published in 2019. It became a New York Times bestseller. Tan hosted the fast-paced, fun 2020 Netflix fashion design contest series Next in Fashion with Alexa Chung.

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What is Vintage Clothing?

Vintage clothing refers to garments older than 20 years. Antiquated clothing can be more than 100 years old. Vintage is simply a term that means “from the past”. It’s usually secondhand clothing (previously worn). Retro clothing is anything that reflects past trends.

Where can you find vintage clothing?

Vintage pieces can be found in many places including thrift shops, vintage boutiques and vintage boutiques. You can also find vintage pieces online, thanks to the growing vintage fashion market.

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Four Tips from Tan France for Vintage Shopping

  1. Tan France, the fashion guru and trend-setter from Queer Eye on Netflix, is passionately involved in vintage fashion. He says, “It allows me to find something that no one else will be wearing.” You can create your own vintage style with just a few skills. Vintage shopping is an adventure. Before you go on your next trip, take a look at these shopping tips by Tan France, fashion expert.
  2. It is exploration:Tan says that vintage shopping is not like regular shopping. Tan explains that vintage shopping is not like regular shopping. Keep in mind that you will never know what you might find when you visit vintage shops.
  3. Know your wardrobe:Vintage shopping can be a great opportunity to purchase something completely unexpected, such as a bold piece of costume jewelry or a loud suede jacket. It’s okay to go wild as long as it fits in with your existing wardrobe. Tan says, “We want something that fits with our wardrobe and doesn’t clash with what we like.” Tan says, “Otherwise you’ll be unable to find what to do with it when you get home.” These statement pieces can be difficult to incorporate into your wardrobe and most likely you won’t wear them.
  4. Be open-minded:Retro clothing can be a joy because you will find things you didn’t know you needed, but that you still love. Tan advises, “Be open-minded to finding something unique, interesting, and full of character.” You should be open to new possibilities and not limit yourself to what you already know.
  5. Keep it small wherever possible:Tan offers some advice, even though you might think Los Angeles or New York City are great places to buy secondhand clothes. He says, “I wouldn’t recommend vintage shopping in major metropolitan areas.” Tan says that the markup on vintage shopping is insane and so pricey. He suggests instead that you thrift in smaller towns to get more affordable prices.