Tips You Need To Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions


False mascaras continue to gain in popularity year over year, as people seek faster ways to get ready and feel confident and prepared for each day. Vippeextensions for eyelashes not only speed up our morning rituals but can help build up our self-esteem as we step out the door.

As our beauty therapists on the go and lash experts are eager to share their expertise, we asked them what information would help ensure a positive experience with extensions for everyone! Here’s what they had to say:

Make sure your eye area is clean before the treatment.

Prior to beginning any treatment, it is necessary to remove all makeup from your eyes. A beauty therapist on-the-go will clean your lashes thoroughly prior to commencing; however, taking this step beforehand will save time as the glue can adhere better and last longer on your skin.

During the treatment: Do not open your eyes.

Maintaining proper eye closure during this procedure is vital as otherwise the glue won’t dry properly and your Salonette requires you to close them so they can apply individual eyelash extensions properly to your lash line.

Avoid getting water in your eyes.

When applying extensions for lashes, the first step should be preventing their extensions from getting wet for at least 24 hours. While it might be easier said than done, doing this can still leave some discomfort for those unfamiliar with extensions for lashes.

Once your extensions are completely dry, you may rewet them – however if your daily activities include swimming regularly it would likely be wiser not to apply false extensions.

Use oil-free makeup remover

If you decide to apply makeup over extensions, make sure you only place it on the top eyelash follicle. Otherwise, taking off the makeup could become impossible without losing some eyelashes!

Make sure that if you want the safety of your lashes, use only makeup remover without oil when cleansing any eye makeup area. Oil-containing products could damage glue that holds eyelashes in their correct places.

Don’t rub your eyes!

We all make this mistake of giving ourselves satisfying eye rubs when life gets difficult; but overdoing it could cause both natural and extended eyelash extensions to fall out!

Keep in mind that to preserve your beautiful eyelashes, you must be able to resist.

Avoid pulling off your eyelashes! Do not remove them forcefully.

Don’t pull your lashes off

Eyelash extensions typically fall off after four to eight weeks. Even with those remaining, no matter how eagerly you’d like a new set, do not remove them yourself – instead consult a specialist and allow the extensions to fall out naturally.

Extending your lashes could damage their natural appearance, as well as place stress and strain on the delicate eye area. Doing this should never put anyone in any risk, regardless of any issues that might arise there.

Check your sleeping positions

Once you’ve learned to care for your lashes when awake, you must use all your energy towards sleeping in an ideal sleeping position. Although this might be challenging at first glance, we suggest not resting your head against the pillow all night!

Don’t cheap out!

As with anything worth having, quality eyelash treatments will ensure a more successful experience for all involved. With many horror stories surrounding beauty treatments emerging daily, it is wise to entrust professionals with your treatment plans if possible. Our top techniques offer ways to avoid such complications; an eyelash treatment from professionals could make the difference for a seamless process.

Below, we have provided some of our most effective advice to ensure your clients get long-term, durable fake eyelashes!

Avoiding Water and Steam

Your first, and most important tip should be educating clients to avoid contact with steam or water for up to 48 hours following eyelash extensions application. At this time, glue is still drying which allows the extension of their eyelash to connect with natural lashes – any contact with steam or water may break the bond, leading to faster fall-out of extensions.

Avoiding Oil Products

It is also essential that your client uses water-based or oil-free products because oil plays an integral part in weakening glue bonds. Offering oil-free solutions may be more suitable; we have listed our favorite water-based and oil-free items below!

Cleaning Lash Extensions

Proper care must be taken in order for eyelash extensions to remain healthy and last as long as possible. This set of lash cleansing products, featuring one bottle of Lash Foaming Cleanser as well as the Lash Cleaning Brush, makes taking great care with their eyes essential.

Give your lashes an “lash bath”, as this will remove dirt and natural oils that could hinder their connection between extensions and natural lashes.

Lash-friendly Eyeliner

The second step to eyeliner marketing success is finding eyeliner products compatible with eyelash extensions. In the beginning, eyeliner was not considered suitable due to its oil content – however at Eyelash Emporium we have found some beautiful eyeliners which actually do work!

Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover

Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover can quickly and effectively take care of all eye make-up removal needs, without leaving a sticky residue behind.

When taking off eye makeup, be sure to use an oil-free cosmetic product so as not to compromise its adhesive and cause further damage to the lashes and their adhesive bond. This will protect them and avoid potential infection or further complications down the line.

Lash-friendly Mascara

At lashpro, our goal as lash technicians is to give the illusion that mascara is present – some clients may wish it were! In these instances, it’s our duty to find one specifically formulated for use with eyelash extensions.

Brushing Your Lashes

Another suggestion we can offer your client for longer-lasting lashes is brushing their extensions regularly, particularly morning and evening routinely. Although this might sound simple enough, many forget they even have them on. Brushing should become part of daily life for optimal results!