Pro Tips for Buying Perfect Jeans


Quality is the key to shopping for jeans. Quality demins will feel and last longer. Designer brands tend to spend more on premium fabrics and materials, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get expertly made jeans at a lower price. It’s important to know how to distinguish the good stuff and the bad stuff. Kingfisher Road was founded in 2004 as a dream to provide unique gifts that spoke to the heart. We have been offering gift wrap free of charge since the beginning. It is beautiful and makes the receiver feel as special as the giver. We started selling apparel in 2008, out of a desire to provide great demins clothing that women can feel great and looks great.

What makes jeans high quality? How can you know when you have found the right pair of jeans? We’ve put together the ultimate demins shopping list to help you when you are in search of the perfect pair.

A Heavier Fabric

It all comes down to the touch. High quality jeans are made with demins that is heavier and more durable. They should look and feel luxurious. When shopping, make sure you get to touch the fabric. Lightweight demins, i.e. summer jeans, is generally not recommended. Anything below 12 ounces may indicate a lower quality demins. If you don’t see the label, ask a sales representative for the jeans’ demins weight. If you shop online, make sure to check the product description for the fabric weight.

Durable Stitching

You can tell how quality of a jeans’ hems and pockets by the stitching. A good, sturdy stitch should not pull, split, or unravel under stress. Double-stitching, which is two rows of stitches that are placed together, and chain-stitching, (a looped stitch that resembles the links of a necklace) are good indicators of extra care. A single row of stitches can be fine as long as the thread is thick and durable.

Stretch Factor

Stretch demins is for you if form-fitting comfort and style are important to you. Look for Lycra and Spandex on the label of stretch jeans when shopping. Maximum 2 percent is the ideal. However, stretch jeans should not stretch beyond the limits of fabric’s ability to pull and give. A general rule of thumb is that 1 percent gives you a little stretch to comfort while 2 percent provides more flexibility. If you go beyond that, the jeans will wear out or become too loose. Stretch jeans should fit snugly. If you are in between sizes, size down as the fabric can become looser over time.

Design Details

You can sometimes tell if a pair is made of durable materials or design features. For example, copper rivets and buttons. These little men on jeans are a sign that the brand has made an investment in a well-constructed product.

Beware of fakers! Many knockoff labels are skilled at imitating the style of designer jeans. Both the best demins brands as well as their imitations can have jeans with contoured rear pockets. It’s not uncommon for them to both have these types of jeans. This information is not usually found on jeans labels or websites. Be cautious. It is common for a brand to use high-quality materials in its jeans.

Price isn’t everything (but it’s a good sign)

Designer jeans are still expensive, despite all our prayers and wishes to the retail gods. Designer jeans are expensive. Designer demins is an alternative.

Have fun with a few designer jeans. Even if you don’t plan on purchasing them, you will be able to experience the high-quality jeans in person. This can be dangerous, I’m not going to lie. Who wants perfect-fitting jeans anyway?