Mitsuri Kanroji

Appearance Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri Kanroji, a young, curvaceous woman, is average in height and has a muscular build. She has round, pale green eyes and long eyelashes. There is a small beauty mark below each one. Her long, light pink hair fades to lime green at the halfway point and is styled in three thick braids. Five shorter, more choppy clumps hang over her face, with voluminous bangs and tips that are lime green. In an effort to look more normal, she dyed her hair black when she was trying to get married.

Mitsuri is wearing a modified version of the Demon Slayer uniform with a pink tint and a plain white haori. She was also gifted a Kyojuro Rengoku gift. She also wears navy blue thigh high socks, layered with vertically striped lime green socks Obanai Iguro gifted to her, and a pair white zori with pink straps.

  • Mitsuri Kanroji wore floral-patterned kimono while at the Swordsmith Village.
  • Mitsuri Kanroji loses both her arms while fighting Muzan Kibutsuji.

Personality Mitsuri Kanroji

  • Mitsuri’s innocent, Jovial Demeanour

Mitsuri is passionate, emotional, and jovial. This may be a factor in her nickname “The Hashira of Love.” Although shy and easily flustered, Mitsuri is kind to all people, especially Obanai with whom she seems to have a strong connection. Despite her innocent appearance, Mitsuri Kanroji will not show mercy to demons. Instead, she will express such sentiments with a strong tone. She is a strong supporter of the Demon Slayers. Despite being out of commission by Muzan in an early stage of their battle, she was determined to fight again.

Mitsuri Kanroji, who was desperate for marriage, joined the Corps to find a husband. This is a difficult task considering her incredible physical strength. She felt immense guilt about her decision to become a Demon Slayer after she joined the Corps. This led her to eat much less of her usual meals. She was able to overcome those feelings thanks to Shinobu Kocho, ObanaiIguro.

Mitsuri is Excited to Welcome Tanjiro

Mitsuri, besides her emotional personality can sometimes seem a bit childlike. She uses noises and sounds to describe the process of getting the Demon Slayer Mark. She is very caring and shows others love, as her Hashira title would dictate. After the defeat of Gyokko, Hantengu, she can get quite excited and grabs her friends to hug them all.

She says that she wants to be useful and not drag down everyone else after she is brutally attacked by Muzan. She begs Obanai not to get killed and comes back to her. She is referring to her love for Obanai, the man she can finally feel for. Obanai shared her hope that they would reincarnate, be reunited and marry in another life.

  • Abilities

Overall Abilities Mitsuri was able, with the assistance of her Demon Slayer mark, to defeat the incredibly powerful Upper Rank demons until dawn. Mitsuri held her ground against Nakime, the newly appointed Upper Rank Four during the Infinity Castle Arc. After the battle to stall for sunrise, Mitsuri managed to surprise Muzan Kibutsuji with a surprising technique.

Abnormal Muscular Constitution: Mitsuri’s muscles are eight times more dense than those of a normal human. Although her limbs may be thin, she has incredible strength and endurance that can maintain her body’s structure even after Zohakuten’s point-blank sound attack. Mitsuri takes three sumo wrestlers to maintain her body’s composition.

Demon Slayer mark: Hantengu was able to defeat Upper Rank Four’s clone Zohakuten ( Zohakuten?) Unconsciously, Mitsuri awoke and acquired her Demon Slayer Mark. It takes the form two hearts upside-down and opposite each other, with angel wings on either side where the two heart tips meet. They are located near her neck, right next to her clavicle. This manifested Mitsuri’s strength, endurance, and power to the point that she could stand on equal ground against Zohakuten while he unleashed his most powerful techniques against him. Mitsuri’s extraordinary flexibility.